I was commissioned by the Australian shopping centre brand, Stockland, via street art agency, Blank Walls, to design a 52 metre mural for their Townsville shopping mall. The mural was created to brighten up a large area of the mall that would be under construction for 6 months from June 2021.


The brief called for a vibrant fashion-led design that was to be made up of a number of panels that could work independently and as one large piece, and was to include 3D elements. Having not worked with anything this large or 3D before, this was an exciting brief and an opportunity to really have fun with the design.


The resulting concept 'Fashion Dreaming' is my playful interpretation of a journey through fashion. The design plays with scale to make the fashion really pop. Models appear bold and expressive, full of character, bringing the wall to life. The mural pops with colours found naturally in Townsville’s coral reef coastline and creates an instagram-worthy backdrop for visitors to Stockland Townsville. For the 3D element I added mirrored sunglasses in pastel shades - perfect for reflective selfies - and populated the wall with three dimensional clouds. 

Scroll through for the full design and photos of the final piece.