Illustrator & Mural Artist


Kate’s work reflects her values. A strong supporter of feminism, race and gender equality, and mental health awareness, Kate’s illustrations represent her responses to the world around us. Her portraits are beautiful, but often also tell a deeper story. 


There is a fun, playful element to Kate’s work. Her style can be described as pop art meets comic book - with bold lines, bright colours, and the element of storytelling, her work really ‘pops’ from the page and draws you in.

The name Leopards Lunch originates from Kate’s fascination with animal and human behaviour. Prior to studying fine art and portraiture at Heatherley’s Art School, she achieved a degree in Zoology from Nottingham University where she studied both animal behaviour and psychology. The relationship between humans and animals still fascinates her and Leopards Lunch sprang from that. To a wild leopard, humans are all equal, and we are all potentially lunch. 


ABI, Beymen, Cath Kidston, Chiesi, Kopparberg, Martin Lindstrom, O2, Ocean Beach Club IBZ, Soho Garden DBX, Soul Heaven, Stockland, Resonance Records, The Behavioural Insights Team (Cabinet Office)

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